Nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit (Part 2)

Our bodies are amazing!  

It’s truly remarkable to marvel at how our bodies work and all of the intricate details that come together and allow us to breathe, think, communicate, move, enjoy and experience life.

It’s something that’s easily taken for granted when you feel well.

It’s something that’s not easily celebrated when you’re stuck in an unhealthy mindset trap (See Part I).

And, it’s something that’s more frustrating than anything when you just don’t know what’s “broken,” why you don’t feel well, and you’re more focused on your chronic fatigue, brain fog, and never ending list of digestive symptoms (nausea, reflux, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, the list goes on….) than how you were wonderfully created.


Your Body is a Temple

As Christians, our bodies are not only amazing workmanship, but they are more importantly the very vessel that the Holy Spirit dwells in.

“Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself.” (1 Corinthians 6:19)

Our bodies are on loan from God to do His work here on earth.  And so, it is our responsibility to honor our bodies that we’ve been given and to take care of them.

Yes, this looks like eating well, exercising, and tackling those unhealthy mindset traps that we discussed in Part 1- but, when you don’t feel well, it might also look like finding the right team of professionals to be in your corner and help you get to the root of your symptoms.  


Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t out exercise a bad diet!?”

It is T.R.U.E.- You can be a marathon runner, a Crossfit pro, a Pilates enthusiast, or simply a person who likes to go for a walk to enjoy fresh air and sunshine; what you eat and how you fuel your body still matters. 

Now, it’s a bit of a fine line- because something that’s good for you can easily become an obsession, and you can be over-consumed with eating healthy- that’s not what we are talking about here.  But, it’s important to find a regular eating rhythm that’s balanced and includes a majority of whole, unprocessed foods.     

Nutrition plays a mega role in mental wellness, physical wellness, and as we discussed earlier- taking care of your body (temple) can also impact your spiritual wellness.



In today’s world- there really is no excuse for not exercising.  In 2022, there are literally endless opportunities for exercise.

If you like to workout at home, there are online memberships.

If you like to pump iron, there are traditional gyms and Crossfit gyms in every city.   

If you don’t want to pay a lot of money but need to workout away from home, there’s 24/7 gyms with all the equipment you need without fancy trainers or classes.

If you like mindful movement there are plenty of yoga, pilates, and barre boutiques.

And, if you like fresh air, lace up your shoes and hit the pavement!

Seriously there are no excuses and mucho, mucho benefits!

Exercise keeps your heart healthy, keeps your mind healthy, and how many times have you had an enlightening moment with the Lord while your heart rate was up? We dare say exercise is good for your spiritual health as well!


If we have learned anything is these crazy-COVID-years, it’s that isolation and loneliness- IS. NOT. GOOD.  It increases depression, increases inflammation, and makes it really easy to throw on your yoga pants (and never take them off) and throw out your goals.  

No, no, no, no, no…

We were CREATED for community and connection.  We were created to go through life together, to problem solve together, to forgive and give grace, to carry one another’s burdens, to build one another up, and have accountability and encouragement to get us through the darkest time, so that we can celebrate the sweetest moments together.  

Connection, laughter, togetherness- it’s good for your health.  Being in a community and enjoying relationships has been shown to decrease inflammation, which has a positive impact on the health of your entire body! 


Faith-Based Practices

We would be remiss if we talked about whole-person wellness and failed to mention spiritual health and faith-based practices.  This may look different to each individual and take on different meaning depending on your faith traditions; however, these practices do just that- they bring meaning to life.  And, finding meaning in life brings purpose and allows you to live for something greater than yourself.  

Nourishing your spirit may look like:

  • Attending a Bible study with some of your close friends.

  • Listening to praise music while you go for a walk.  

  • Using your gifts and talents to start the business of your dreams.  

  • Writing Bible verses on your mirror.  

  • Praying on the phone with a friend who lives across the country. 

  • Bringing dinner to a friend who’s been sick.

  • Not making any plans for the weekend so you can REST. 

The Mind-Body Connection: It’s NOT All in Your Head

So, if you’ve ever struggled with digestive issues, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, or depression- and you’ve had a friend, loved one, or even a doctor or healthcare provider directly or indirectly tell you-

“It’s all in your head…”

We are sorry. It’s simply not true and we are so sorry that your symptoms were dismissed or minimized.

Your brain and your body are connected.  You are a whole-person.  Mind.  Body. Spirit.  

The health of your gut is bi-directional with your brain.

There are plenty of scientific studies that show a clear connection between mental health and gut health.

If you struggle with anxiety or depression, you very likely have inflammation in your gut.  You may have a leaky gut, potentially food sensitivities, or even an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria in your gut.  Did we mention that mood balancing chemicals like serotonin are produced in the gut??

Anxiety and depression can contribute to undesirable digestive symptoms -and- an unhealthy gut can contribute to anxiety and depression.  It goes both ways!

Not feeling well can make it-

  • difficult to fuel your body with good nutrition (especially if you are afraid of how foods, even healthy foods will make you feel)

  • impossible to work out when you are chronically not feeling well or worry about having direct access to the bathroom at every moment.

  • Incredibly challenging to get up for your morning quiet time when fatigue has you pressing snooze until the very last minute.

Healing the Whole Person

We’ve seen many clients that have tried several different diets, supplements, and gut healing protocols prior to working with us, yet they still struggle with their gut symptoms and co-occurring anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, and brain fog.

They have done all-the-things; however, they’ve neglected to work on their mindset- and, a handful of toxic thought patterns are leaving them stuck- sabotaging all of their efforts.

You cannot separate your physical health from your mental or spiritual health. You are a whole person.  Everything is interconnected.

And, that is our true passion at Rooted Nutrition Therapies.  To get to the root cause of your symptoms and to help you heal in a way that nourishes your mind, body, and spirit.  

If you are ready to take your first step, we invite you to download our free guide- “7 Simple Strategies to Improve Digestive Symptoms at Your Very Next Meal” and start taking small steps towards a healthier gut -and- a nourished mind, body, and spirit- today!


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