Get to the root with functional lab testing

When you know something is “off” in your body, but you’ve been told that your labs look normal, functional lab testing can help uncover deficiencies and imbalances that are holding you back from making progress and feeling your absolute best.

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As a Registered Dietitian and functional nutritionist, I use functional lab testing to get to the root of your symptoms and develop a personalized nutrition plan for you.


Functional lab testing may use blood, stool, urine, or hair samples to provide information about your body systems that may be contributing to your symptoms. These tests can evaluate your gut health, hormone balance, nutrient and mineral status, and potential food sensitivities.


gut health test

GI Map Stool Test

The GI Map provides a comprehensive assessment of the health of your gut, and can detect inflammation, bacteria imbalances, and digestive issues that may be causing your symptoms.

Dutch hormone test

DUTCH Hormone Test

The DUTCH test is a comprehensive hormone test that looks at your hormones levels and how your body is metabolizing hormones.

hair tissue mineral analysis results

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

An HTMA test provides a comprehensive assessment of your mineral status. Your body’s mineral balance provides information about how your thyroid, adrenal glands, digestive system, and more are performing at a cellular level.

food sensitivity test results

MRT Food Sensitivity Test

The MRT (Mediator Release Test) identifies foods that are causing an inflammatory reaction in your body. The MRT is the most reliable food sensitivity on the market and specifically looks at inflammatory responses in the body.

metabolic lab panel

Metabolic Labs

Comprehensive metabolic blood work goes beyond your standard labs that you get at a yearly physical to evaluate thyroid health, blood sugar regulation, inflammation, and metabolic function at a deeper level.

All functional lab tests are offered as part of a nutrition package that includes lab interpretation and a personalized protocol to rebalance your body and optimize your health.

Need help determining if functional lab testing is a right fit for you?

Schedule a free, no-obligation 30 minute strategy call to discuss your goals and I’ll help you determine your next steps in your health journey.

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