Take charge of your wellness and reclaim your healthy, vibrant life

Are you ready to finally prioritize yourself and love the way you feel in your body?

My coaching is specifically designed for busy women who are ready to quit trying new diets and make a change in their lives that actually lasts.

If you’re like most of my clients, you’ve already tried several diets. Maybe you’ve even lost weight in the past. But when the weight comes back, you’re left feeling frustrated and discouraged.

You assume you don’t have enough willpower.  Or maybe your metabolism is broken.

The truth is, it's not your fault.

The diet industry has led you to believe that you just need to eat less and exercise more. And if that doesn’t work for you, or you can’t stick with it, then you just need to try harder.

But what if you’re already trying so dang hard.

Dieting leaves you feeling restricted and deprived, and makes you feel shame and guilt when you “fall off track.”

The truth is that traditional dieting and calorie restriction slows down your metabolism (making it even harder to keep the weight off) and fuels your food cravings, making you feel like you have no willpower.

It’s time for a new approach.

You don’t need more willpower, and you don’t need another diet.

You need a strategy that is rooted in science that actually works WITH your body instead of AGAINST it.

So let me ask you this…

What would it feel like to have the complete confidence you need to eat in a way that works for YOUR body and allows you to maintain your healthiest weight without even thinking about calories?

What if you could stop obsessing over which foods you should be eating, enjoy going out to eat without “falling off track,” and finally feel amazing in your skin?

I take an individualized, whole-person approach to your health and fitness goals.

Your health is about way more than your calorie intake and workouts, and you need a wellness plan that works for your body and your life. This is why generic meal plans and templates don’t work.

I’ll help you prioritize your health, fitness, and mindset so you can spend less time worrying about what to eat and how to feel better in your own skin.

After working with me you'll have...

woman confident in jeans

You will feel absolutely confident in your food choices and your ability to build effortless, nourishing meals that work for YOU and help you reach your goals.

women eating at a restaurant

You’ll gain freedom from the dieting mentality that has created guilt and shame around food and filled your head with negative thoughts about your body.

scale balance

You can feel truly balanced from the inside out, and be able to enjoy foods you love without any regret!

What my clients are saying

"I was just going through such bad eating habits and trying new ‘diets.’ Now, I’m way less bloated, I have implemented daily movement, and I’m far more toned. My sleep is better as well. I haven’t weighed myself, but I haven’t felt the need to because I feel good! Nourish & THRIVE gives you a sense of understanding that makes accomplishing goals achievable!”
Working Mom of 3
“Before joining Nourish & THRIVE, I had terrible acne on my back and chest, bloating, and I could never lose weight. I now feel so much better in my own body and I have a good solid routine. My sleep has improved so much and I never thought it was a problem before. I have lost weight and just feel so much lighter now that I'm not bloated! I’ve told 3 of my best friends that they need to join Nourish & THRIVE"
Working Mom of 5
“I’m now more well rested and have more energy and focus throughout the day. I find it easier to make healthy choices because I more fully understand the impacts of those decisions. All of the information and tools shared are so worthwhile, comprehensive, and beneficial to all! Becky is so knowledgeable and relatable! I now feel empowered to take big and little practical steps that make a difference in my health!”
Military Spouse
"I joined this program because I was really wanting to feel more comfortable with food with less restrictions. I now have a calmer mindset, I’m less restrictive about food choices, and I’ve lost inches. This program was the best- it helped me develop a sustainable health-promoting lifestyle and really nourish myself in a positive way."
Pilates Instructor
“I’ve learned a lot over the years from a couple other well-known weight loss/nutrition programs, but Becky's approach makes the best sense of all. I’m realizing that once a person understands the “why’s” behind the relationship of food and activity to the body, it really helps making daily and weekly decisions. And Becky is such a kind and gentle coach, making it all the more enjoyable!”
School Librarian & Grandma
“This was the best investment I have made in a long time. Learning how to eat and help my body has made me feel better physically and mentally. Several people have commented on how much better I seem overall, ex. happier, more energetic, calmer. It is a game changer when you fuel your body with proper nutrients!”
Working Mom of 2

How does it work?


Balance your plate and boost your nutrition. Learn exactly what to put on your plate to crush food cravings, boost your energy, and burn fat.


Utilize functional lab testing to discover root causes of weight loss resistance and build a pan based on your unique body and health goals.


Optimize your metabolism so that your body starts working with you instead of against you so you can maintain a healthy weight without dieting.


Build healthy rhythms that allow for freedom and flexibility. Move past the dieting mentality and learn how to fuel your body for life.

What You Get


Get the support you need to take action and reach your goals in every step of the program. Private coaching calls and virtual so you can connect from the comfort of your own home.

Exercise Plan

You’ll have access to a trainer-created workout program that you can do at home, in just 30 minutes. No need to spend hours at the gym!

online course on a laptop

On Demand Course

Learn everything you need to know for sustainable weight loss with easy-to-watch video trainings that will guide you step-by-step. You’ll get instant access and you can learn on your own schedule.

recipe on an ipad

Recipes & Meal Plans

You’ll get access to my healthy recipe library with over 500 recipes, plus sample meal plans and a customizable meal planning tool.

healthy pantry guide

Tools & Guides

Downloadable resources, like a Dining Out Guide, Alcohol & Cocktail Guide, and Healthy Pantry Guide, make it super simple to apply what you’re learning and minimize the overwhelm.

lab test tube

Lab Testing

You’ll have the option to add on functional lab testing to assess your metabolic health and guide us to a personalized plan for you.

My Transformation Promise to you...

When you work with me one-on-one, you’ll discover how to nourish your body for the rest of your life… so you can end the overwhelm around food, balance your hormones, optimize your gut health, and achieve a healthy weight for life.


Absolutely not. This program will help you develop a sustainable way of eating that will help you reach your goals and that includes foods you enjoy. If you have digestive issues or symptoms with foods, I can help you identify foods that are not working well for your body. However, there is no need to eliminate foods from your diet, unless you are sensitive or allergic to them.

I will help you develop a sustainable plan that works for YOU. Some clients do well with specific macro goals and others do not. Either way, the goal is never to track macros forever. Most of my clients start with macro tracking and then move to mindful eating. I will help you learn how to balance your nutrition in a way that supports your goals without needing to track every bite of food.

You will have bi-weekly or weekly coaching calls, depending on the level of support you choose. In between sessions, you can go through the online nutrition course at your own pace. Each of the 12 modules will take less than an hour to complete, but you’ll have access to the course for the length of your coaching program.

The investment level varies based on the level of support you choose. We have several options available to accommodate your budget!

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